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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

Apr 7, 2022

Jerry catches up, once again, with Tony Freeth to discuss the  specific considerations of internet access for smaller multilet properties and how Tech and supplier provision has evolved over the past year.

Tony has been working in the workspace industry for a long time. He has a particularly good knack of translating high level tech talk in a way that makes it accessible & understandable to all. 

If you are just starting out in Flexible space and multilet properties, internet access can be a bit of an afterthought but to get a good symmetrical fibre connection takes time and is an  important investment. Tony and Jerry talk through how you can take advantage a good internet connection at a lower price than ever. It can give you a great marketing edge as well as providing an essential part of the modern workspace consumers diet. 

Great internet access and ease of access is a must for any CMO,  coworking or serviced office space.

Tony Freeth:

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