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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

Sep 1, 2022

There are two main trends going on in commercial property right now that Flexspace operators and investors could benefit from.

  1. The cost of living crisis is creating a huge amount of uncertainty for business. All inclusive licenses can provide the certainty businesses crave. 
  2. The WFH (Work from home) revolution is beginning to bite back. Employees and freelancers are beginning to feel the pinch working from a home they have to heat and power. More of our clients are moving into local flexspaces to save on the bills and to meet other humans. Similarly the employers that downsized their space are having to seek out larger spaces as more employees come back to work.

There is always opportunity during times of disruption and uncertainty. Our job is to stay calm and find them. This episode will give you an insight into how we are responding to this ever changing market place. 


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