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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

Sep 22, 2022

In this open and frank conversation Danny Inman shares his social media journey. If you want to learn why and how social media can make a difference to your property business then listen up. 

Danny is well known in Property circles, not least down to his use of Social Media. He has topped 30,000 followers on Instagram and seperately on Linkedin, within the relatively small niche of property investment.

Danny and Jerry cover lots of questions including the more granular details of how to make socials work for you.

  • Danny shares the surprising number of reasons why it can be so beneficial,
  • the how to,
  • the how often,
  • how he manages to stay annoying consistency,
  • and why being pragmatic and authentic can make a big difference

Thank you Danny for sharing the secrets of your Social Media successes.


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Instagram: @dannyinmanproperty

Linkedin: Danny Inman Property


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