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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

Its funny really, some potential investors stay away because of the myth…"you need lots of money and a degree in the dark arts".

Others may class themselves in the group that have access to a large amount of money, perhaps a pension pot but no knowledge.

One thing is for sure, it is different for every investor. 


Aug 18, 2022

"How do I scale my property business?" is a question most property investors ask themselves, sometimes at multiple stages. 

The answer will depend on lots of factors pertinent to that specific investor, however there are some fundamentals that transcend all the different strategies we can employ.

In this episode Jerry...

Aug 11, 2022

Interest rates are set by central banks and the Bank of England recently provided some controversial commentary about the future economic picture. Was it really responsible to predict a recession until 2024??

In this episode Jerry talks about his thoughts on the dire predictions and what it means for private commercial...

Aug 4, 2022

Finding and selecting the right business or property mentor can be a tricky business. There are lots of options out there, but we need to be able to firstly find someone we would actually like to work with and then we need to carry out lots of due diligence.


In this episode Jerry sets out his criteria for selecting...