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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

Jun 8, 2020

An inside track to our latest deal. In this Projectcast Jerry gives you an update on a deal purchase that is going through right now, even in the middle of the Virus crisis. This episode will give you an insight into some of the things that have happened to get us this far and the things the team are working on to get this CMO project off to a good start.


In regular updates called Projectcast’s we will be talking about specific projects we are working on, so the content is right up to date.


Jerry shares the various stages of the deal so far:


  1. Finding the deal
  2. The opportunities
  3. Negotiations
  4. Raising Finance
  5. Development strategy
  6. The numbers
  7. Current activities
  8. The end game


We hope you like this additional format, let us know what you think.


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