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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

Dec 15, 2022

In this weeks episode Jerry discusses the importance of goal setting. As 2022 comes to an end, it's important for us to reflect on what we've achieved throughout the year and take a moment to consider what we want to achieve for next year. What are your hopes and dreams for 2023? What are the goals that are going to...

Dec 1, 2022

Welcome back to part 2 of the Natalie Shaw conversation around commercial property and business risks. Following up on the last episode, Jerry and Natalie continue their conversation about the aspects of risk Small business owners and Property investors tend to ignore.

  1. Governance
  2. Information provenance
  3. The use of Trial...

Nov 24, 2022

Natalie Shaw is an avid podcast listener and we were excited when she agreed to share some of her own knowledge and experiences from the financial sector and how we can apply them to our property businesses.


As we grow our businesses, we become more aware of risks and the potential ramifications of those risks on our...

Nov 10, 2022

Commercial Property Investors can benefit from a lot more potential income streams other than just rental. Signage on the exterior wall or an un-utilized bit of ground can bring in a substantial income. Internal digital signage is another possibility depending on your footfall.

Craig and Jerry discuss what makes a good...

Oct 27, 2022

A regular podcast listener asked whether using a rent to rent model could be an option to get started in Commercial property. 

Whilst recognising it is not strictly a longterm bricks and mortar strategy it is a way to get into the swim.

It is actually a widespread strategy with many large serviced workspace providers...